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Sonic Super Special Magazine covers 3 and 4

Hey. Hisashiburi.

Interested in learning a little bit about Sonic magazine covers?

SSSM 03-

I remember this being a rush job, I think I had one night to get it done. I was told it would focus on Sonic issue 25 which was a loose adaptation of Sonic CD so I was thrilled to get the job. I batted some ideas around and decided to focus on the thumbs up/thumbs down theme.

Thumb 01-



Thumb 02-




Number 01 got the go ahead and so one full night of work later-

At the time I did this, I didn’t think it was a very good cover. I don’t know, mabye I thought I should do more as issue 25 means so much to me. But I’ve gotten a lot of feedback since that people really like this image. So success!

I really like the shiny cover!

SSSM- 04

Sometimes a cover is a lot of work, and this one might have been the hardest I’ve done to get approved.

I was told it was about the future storylines (which I know nothing about), and that it should feature this main set of characters and that if possible, Sonic shouldn’t be wearing his crown. I was confused but as I dislike the idea of Sonic as a king, I was more than happy to keep him from wearing the thing (with my own personal goal of taking great care NOT to show future Knuckles dumb robotic eye).  Here are my four inital thumbnails-

Thumb 01-

Thumb 02-

Thumb 03-

Thumb 04-

I personally think all of those are cool ideas, and would have been happy to do any of them. Number 02 was chosen but a change to the posing was requested. So I produced round 2 of thumbnails-

The poses still weren’t doing the trick, so I was given the instruction to have Knuckles and Silver rushing out, and the go ahead to have Sonic wear his crown and stand more heroically.

Round 3-

Finally a winner! Thumb 02 Round 3 version 2. Off I went.

Whoa, I think these are the pencils I did for myself to ink from-

Thats pretty crazy to me because those are pretty rough. Even when I ink myself I tend to want to have my pencils to be fairly tight. I’m surprised I went from this. But here’s the inks-

Some revisions were requested (justifiably) to Silver and then off to color.

Bam!  Its been too long since I looked at the physical copy, but I recall planning for the foil and wanting Shadow’s chaos energy to be all shiny! Working with foil is sooooo cool!



2 comments to Sonic Super Special Magazine covers 3 and 4

  • You must have been working on these at some point when I was out of the studio. The first one I don’t remember seeing at all. The second one I remember seeing when you were almost done with it. I never saw any of the sketches.
    It’s pretty impressive that you do all your cover sketches in color, and they all look really good.

  • Fantastic stuff! Your quality never seems to slip.

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