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Sonic Dash Julie-Su

Sketch 4 of 5!


I like drawing Julie-Su so far because it gives me the challenge of drawing another echidna  and that her tuft of hair is not entirely ridiculous and unSonic like.  I try to keep in mind, whether this is successful or not so far, that I dont want to just draw Knuckles as a girl. I try to mix Julie-Su up by adjusting her face so she doesn’t have the low eyes like Knuckles and I like pushing her quills further back on her head. I don’t want to go nuts about it though and it end up changing the original design choices of the character.

I had known about Sonic Chronicles for over  a year before I discovered they had new echidna designs. I firmly believe that IF there has to be other echidnas (and I personally LOVE the idea of a character really being the last of his kind) and IF there has to be other hedgehogs they should not be copies of Sonic and Knuckles. Amy Rose and Tikal are excellent examples of this! I was pumped to see that Bioware actually had a lot of imagination when it came to this. I like the gray echidna badguy, Imperantor Ig? I love that he has a tall or a long appearance and all the simple but flowing choices of his quills and fur are great. He isn’t Knuckles with a beard.

Shade was also intially exciting in that she isn’t Knuckles with a beard. Her quills do something entirely different from the established echidna look. I commend Bioware on their abilities to create unique echidnas!

The Last of their Kind Trivia-

I think it sucks when a character is created and a story is established to be the the last of their kind and then fifteen minutes later the female version shows up or, you know, a whole new planet of them shows up. I’ve got a few in my mind but can you add to this list?

(NOT) The Last of their kind-

1. Knuckles the Echidna

2. Superman

3. Jen (Dark Crystal)

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